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Effects of New Moon and Full Moon Phases - Menstruation (Menses) Periods and Luna Timings

The peak times of a New moon (no moon) or a Full moon can be interesting and powerful. It can be difficult, challenging or trying during these periods. For instance some people may not get any peace during these times. Others may experience great divine bliss, power and happiness. On the new moon and full moons my readers can find a greater comfort and relief from suffering by reading my website.

One girl emailed me during the peak of the Full moon (by a few minutes) to let me how much my website had helped her, and brought about relief and comfort. Two weeks later she sent me another email saying the same thing. This time it was on the exact peak of the new moon. Something was going on here. Her emails were within minutes of the peak times of the full and new moon.

There is a mechanism that occurs on new moon and full moon peaks. The moon has more of an affect on your life that you might think. Take some time to observe the moon cycles and how the moon has effects on you. Also look to see the effects on other people.

For instance during the full moon it can be a very intense time. It brings about fullness, magnification of energy and ripeness. We always hear of flooding on the full moon. People can appear to become emotional and disturbed. There is a wild energy. In my experience people in groups who drink tend to get together and become rowdy. Everything can become out of control. The crime rate sometimes slightly increases. People become intense and frustrated. Misunderstandings occur, especially among couples.

One person might say to his partner, "what have I done to upset you?", or "what is wrong with you today?". Everything may become trying and difficult. It is often a challenging time. The full moon is said to be linked to the energy of Mother Divine. In Her fullness she plays her illusions on people. Some people call it an evil influence because of the way it appears to have a negative effect on people.

Although the symptoms of the full moon and new moon may sometimes seem negative, it is actually a positive thing. It is a time of purification, when your chakras are open. It is the best time to meditate and absorb powerful and positive vibrations. It is also the best time to heal others. The guru is also in his fullness on the full moon. The guru can be the most powerful on the full moon, to heal, transform and help people.

The full moon energy = Mother Divine energy. Because of this high energy. That is why it appears to become a little crazy on the full moon. Everything in this illusory world, the good and the bad is said to come from the Mother aspect of God. That is why everything can become amplified on the full moon- including all your funny blocks, issues and problems.

The full moon is a time of purification. The full moon is the best time for charging divine energy and also for decharging all your negative energy. The full moon brings about the fullness of nature.

The peak of the new moon (no moon) is also very similar and is a polar opposite of the full moon. Just like the full moon is linked to the energy of the Mother, the new moon is linked to the energy of the Father (Shiva). On the full moon spiritual people often pull the Mothers energy and on the new moon they pull Shiva's energy for protection. It is like a shiva-shakti mechanism.

The new moon is the Shiva Ratre, the time of the Shiva energy. Shiva can be regarded as the pure consciousness and transcendence aspect of God. The new moon is also a new cycle, bringing about the end of an old cycle. Shiva is sometimes called the God of destruction, as every cycle will come to an end and something new beginning. The days leading up to the new moon are the best times for destroying negative energy, ending old habits and enabling you to connect deeper to God. The new moon therefore has the energy for creating a new beginning, for creating something new.

The new moon can also be difficult, trying and challenging as well. It is best not to sign any contracts or make any travel arrangement on the new moon. I once tried booking a hotel at this time, and there were so many obstacles and obstructions. The computer systems crashed, I could not get through to the relevant people and they did not phone me back. Everything became difficult and I was frustrated. I later found out that it was the peak of the new moon.

Another example, one time I went out to buy a camera and was just unable to do buy one. The day became completely wasted as I could not find what I wanted and ended up getting lost. My life felt really difficult as I was walking aimlessly and I started to think deeply on my life, "what is this all about? Why is nothing going well for me? Why is my life so difficult?". It cheered me up when I realized this was the peak of the new moon. I knew that in a few days everything would turn back to normal. Also when people phone me up crying and emotional on the full moon I always say, "wait a few days and things will be fine".

Because your chakras are open on the full and new moons it is a time of purification as you are absorbing high vibrations. Sometimes on the full moon girls sometimes look like Goddesses, as they appear really pure and holy. People are often absorbing huge vibrations. A lot of spiritual processes are performed on the new and full moons. It is a time for absorbing highest vibrations. That is why people connect very powerfully on these times and receive energy or healing from God.

Unfortunately esoteric knowledge of the moon is also abused by people. Wars and attacks are often declared and carried out on the full or new moon. Some negative people may also do sacrifices on the full moon or new moon.

Enjoy the purification and divine energy of the moon phases, but be open, conscious and aware of these timings. Observe others behaviour and how you feel. You will learn a lot. Alternatively it can be highly positive on the full and new moon luna periods.

How to protect yourself on the new and full moon periods - menstruation (menses) periods and luna timings

Because your chakras are open on the new and full moons, some people find it beneficial not to share their bodily fluids during these times of the peak stages of the new or full moon. During this time you are going though a purification of decharging negative energy. So by exchanging bodily fluids and sexual energy during this time including saliva- you may be sharing your crazy, disturbed or negative energy with the other person. It can cause soul friction.

So some people find it best to keep their energy to themselves during this period. For some spiritual people they can loose many months of meditation power by sharing sexual energy at the peak of the moon phases. There are no rules about this, but it is up to you to find out what works best for you.

First of all I would like to make an important point here. Being a man and not a doctor, I do not claim to have any expert knowledge on the subject of menstruation. But I get tons of emails on this subject, especially from women telling me they found this information valuable.

A similar purification occurs during a woman's menses (menstrual period). This is a great purification where she can absorb huge divine vibrations. This is a similar process of purification and decharging as the new and full moon timings. Some people find it beneficial not to exchange energy during this time also. A man can become disturbed by her energy, like a magnet disturbs a heap of iron filings. One time a menses lady grabbed hold of me and gave me a hug. It took me several hours to get my energy back.

Some people find that observing these full moon, new moon and menstrual timings, the relationships are more smooth, blissful and loving. If you exchange bodily fluids or sexual energy with a menses lady on the peak of the new or full moon period, it could enough to ruin that entire relationship. When a girl is on her menses she can become very sensitive and get hurt easily. It can be one of the most frequent causes of heartbreak in a woman. She can become upset and hurt by even small things. But it is also a time to show affection and support. Women deserve all respect, love and attention in all situations of life.

The only rule that makes sense for men and women is "to love" each other, and then all problems can be understood and solved easily in the best way for each person.