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Love disolves anxiety and depression

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Music Healing for Depression

Music can heal your emotions

Music can help you experience an array of different feelings and healing emotions. It can connect you with Love, and the feelings and experience of Love. It can help process blocks such as depression allowing you to come back to focussing on Love. For example listening to sad music allows you to feel emotions of sadness and sorrow, helping you to come back to natural states of harmony, love and joy.

Different music can have different effects. Generally it can make you relaxed and calm, sooth your spirit and create a good feeling. It will take your mind off the bad things in life as well as inspire you to be happy. Music allows you to dream, as it contains different forms of energy vibrations, motivation, creative ideas and viewpoints. For most music is a pleasurable activity.

The funniest theory I have heard is that we all have an innate apelike instinct to get together in groups, jump around, bang sticks on things and use our mouths to make funny noises. People believe this is where music, disco and clubbing comes from. Music can be away of expressing who we are or what is truly going on in our hearts. The main point here is that music is healing. It is a form of energy geared up to make us feel good.

I enjoy listening to all types of music, such as 80s music, 90s pop music, stuff people rave to, and the really cheesy stuff people don’t like to admit that they listen to. But there have been several different types of songs and artists that have effected me on a spiritual level, which I will share with you.

The first songs which marked my spiritual turning point in life, was Righteous Brothers- Unchained Melody and, Foreigner - I want to know what love is. After a difficult life, these two songs resonated with the opening of my heart and the spiritual turning point of my life. I realised that I really needed Love and really wanted to experience true love in my life and what that means.

Listening to heart felt songs often helped to sooth my heart. One of my favourite songs by Roy Orbision is, She’s a mystery to me. This was originally written by Bonno and The Edge from U2 but they couldn’t finish the song so they asked Roy Orbison to help them with it. He finished the song and sung it so beautifully like an angel that it became his song.

The main person whose music has had a healing effect on me in some way is Elvis. One day I was out in the shops and I felt drawn to buy, Elvis- The 50 greatest hits. Elvis is a man of huge love. A lot of Elvis’s songs are about his wife or about his Love for God. His songs help the world focus on love. I feel that Elvis’s music contains a deep hidden magic that can heal suffering, depression and any type of emotional pain, helping people to come back to focussing their hearts on love and God. There is a lot of pure love, strength, heart and sensitivity of emotions in his music. Music can really help heal any type of emotional pain or suffering.

Singing and dancing to music is a technique for healing anxiety and depression

Singing is a natural state of happiness. Everyone should be comfortable in their living environment with their family or partner to be able to sing. To sing really is healing for your heart and soul. Even just humming to music can be healing. Everyone can sing. There is no such thing as not being able to sing. Most successful artists or musicians are not people who ‘can sing’ in the traditional sense. Singing from your heart or soul with the right music can make any type of voice pleasant or beautiful to listen to. True happiness, Love and expression in your home means that you are able to spontaneously loving. It is great if you can enjoy singing and not care about what anybody thinks. Singing can really heal any type of anxiety and depression.

Dancing is also great, but difficult if you are socially anxious. Most normal people are socially anxious about dancing. I believe that true happiness in life comes from all those times you are spontaneous in some way. For people with anxiety and depression it can be difficult to come out of their shell and do this. It is difficult because they may never have had permission to be spontaneous.

The best way of learning to overcome fear of dancing is with someone you love who is a member of the opposite sex, and/or with really close friends who understand your fear. One time when I first started clubbing I was out dancing with a girl face to face and I had two of my best friends dancing around me who were looking very silly. I reasoned that if they can look that silly and get away with it then I knew that I was fine doing what I was doing. It is great to just be able to loose yourself in the music. It is a great experience. The most important thing is that your night is only as good as the people you are with. If you are with someone who you really love or with people that really love you, then you always have a good time.

Because I was so nervous when it came to dancing, I bought a dancing DVD to learn some basic moves. This helped me a lot. But it all depends on who you are with. You can be more spontaneous with certain people. Dancing is also a form of exercise- that has may benefits for overcoming anxiety and depression.