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Morning Panic Attack Causes - Early Morning Anxiety Attacks and Depression

Healing morning anxiety and panic attack causes

Morning anxiety is caused by the anticipation of having another bad day, another day filled with emptiness and meaningless. Another day of being suppressed and enslaved in a job that you do not like. Another day of your dreams being far away from reach. Another day of meaningless toiling that goes on forever. Another day of confusion. Another day of hopes which disappear. Another day of desires and needs that won’t be fulfilled. Another day that drags on. Another day of watching yourself grow old. Another day of being stuck in life with nowhere to go.

Morning anxiety and panic attacks are caused by the prospect of having another day devoid of any Love, the pain of a broken heart, sadness mixed with uncertainty that becomes mingled with fear and hurt. Morning anxiety is feeling needy, dreaming of someone to Love, a soul mate to snuggle up to- for skin to skin, heart to heart, soul to soul Love. In the morning you are in touch with your subconscious mind.

In the morning all the things that you have been suppressing during the week float to the top of your awareness. Morning anxiety is caused by debating with yourself, “can I handle this? Is this ever going to change? How many more days like this before something changes for the better?“.

One of the worst things for those with anxiety is waking up in the mornings. When you come out of your sleeping coma of peace- that is when your problems start. People with anxiety oversleep to avoid life because it is bad. Given the chance they will stay in bed as long as possible, into the afternoon or evening time, avoiding waking up and facing life.

At some stage when you are asleep you become detached from all your problems and your soul merges with pure consciousness and deep silence. You take a deep rest and anchor yourself in peace, and the body can rest. At that stage your problems have gone 100%. As you are waking up you are aware that you are coming out of peace. When you are asleep you have no problems. When you wake up that is when your problems are coming. The goal is to become conscious when you are sleeping, and then really absorb that peace. Then when you wake up you can bring that peace with you and into your life.

The way to overcome morning anxiety is to focus on true values, values of Love and eternal values of Love, which see the world becoming one big happy family- beyond the scope of your lifetime. View life as a wonderful challenge of learning to Love. Learn to embrace life. Learn to do your part of this eternal goal of Love, by loving in all situations, in good and bad situations. Learn to become strong, work harder and more productive. Forget about short term needs and desires and focus on developing yourself to become more free in this life and beyond. Since this aspect of your life is a learning phase, you do not have to go through this particular experience again. Know that you are moving into freedom.

What are the causes for being without morning anxiety and morning panic attacks?

This situation is the result of most serious mistake made in life. Learn what those mistakes and causes are! Usually it means that for whatever reason you are in the completely wrong situation in life. This situation allows your to clarify true values of life and learn about love and happiness. It is a challenge to learn how to grow strong and successful.

The opposite of having morning anxiety is waking up like a child on Christmas day with the promise of Love and looking into smiling eyes, knowing that the day offers Love, interesting adventures, excitement, creative fun and happiness. Start your day with a positive mental attitude. Say affirmations such as, “I achieve my goals and create a happy and successful life”, “I feel terrific”, or “I am responsible”. Set your intention for the day, the week and the year ahead.

The secret for overcoming morning anxiety causes is having something to do for a worthwhile goal, such as getting up early in the morning to do some exercise, useful work or to do a daily mediation process, or to read or do some work or get something done.

One of the biggest forms of satisfaction is achieving your goals in life, any worthwhile goals. Write down a list of your goals, the things you want to achieve in life. Write them in the present tense, such as “I am… or I have…”. Examples are, “I am responsible for my whole life”, “I am happy”, or “I have a wonderful job which I Love”. Then work really hard, managing your time well for getting the best possible productivity rate.

Meditation is good for overcoming morning anxiety. When you meditate properly you do not tend to need as much sleep. Instead of spending too much time sleeping you have important things to do, important goals to achieve. In this life, learn to be all that you can be. Replace worry with continuous action towards your goal. When you wake up, do not even think. Just get to work.

Early morning rising

Highly successful people are often early risers and get up at 5am in the morning, or even earlier. I know several successful spiritual people who do not sleep at all. They are literally working 24 hours a day. They never sleep. God never sleeps. Once you learn to meditate you can start swapping this with sleep. The goal is to grow your inner silence and peace in life. Sleep is a healing coma. It is only for people who have had a wrong day and require healing.

One way you can use to experiment to cure morning anxiety is to do some Hatha Yoga and breathing for anxiety before going to bed at night. Do up to 45 minutes of Hatha Yoga, and you will go to sleep in bliss and wake up in bliss. If you do Hatha Yoga before going to bed, you absorb up to 80% more bliss when you sleep. Waking up becomes easy and delightful. It is great waking up in bliss, fully prepared for meeting the challenges of the day. You could also meditate before going to bed and when you wake up to help set your intention and prepare for the day ahead. Make sure you never sleep with your head facing towards north. This is a big cause of a lot of problems including anxiety and depression. The best way to sleep is with your head facing south or west, but east is also fine.