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Love disolves anxiety and depression

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Color Psychology of
Clothes People Wear

The clothes people wear and their color psychology reflect who they are

Boring people may wear boring clothes. Interesting people may wear interesting clothes. Loving people may where loving clothes. Colorful people may wear colorful clothes. Dark people may wear dark clothes. If your clothes are a mess then your whole life may be a mess. If you do not respect your clothes then you may not respect yourself. When you have your clothes together then you may have your whole life together.

Usually people with anxiety and depression have a dark and boring color psychology and were wear boring clothes. Your clothes are very important for being a healthy and happy person. Your clothes and the psychology of color represent who you are. Unfortunately clothes cover 90% of our body. They represent a big part of who we are and give a lot of clues as to what type of people we are. People may make a lot of assumptions about you based on the way you dress. Your clothes also effect the way you feel. Lots of colors represents lots of Love. You can heal your life by changing the type of clothes you wear. Each colour and aspect of your clothing has a special meaning.

Different colors have different meanings

Light is made up of many colors like a rainbow. I tend to avoid lots of black, white, grey or single colour clothing. Learn to select your clothes with care. Love is also made up of many colors or frequencies. Try to go for something unusual, something with lots of different colors in, something slightly trendy, something that is in-line with your true happy self.

Originally when I was suffering with anxiety and depression I only used to wear dark and boring clothes. I never knew about color psychology or about the psychology of clothes people wear. I did not use to give any care nor importance to clothes in my life. I was never taught how to dress properly. Most people who are depressed may not dare to wear anything out of the ordinary, such as colorful or trendy clothing.

Throwing away your old clothes

A friend of mine showed me the importance of dressing properly. I ended up buying lots of different stylish colorful clothing. We ended up throwing ALL my old clothes away. It completely changed the way I saw myself. I developed a positive and loving self concept.

For instance if you change your clothes and get a stylish haircut people may start responding to you differently and positively. When you are in a shop look at the different types of clothing. Look at different people in the street, what they wear. Then go for something slightly unusual, something that you would not normally wear. Step out of your comfort zone. When you take care of your clothes it means you really care about yourself. You really respect and Love yourself and others.

I suggest wearing lots of different colors. For a while I used to love red. Red is for fire, self esteem and vitality. It is also the color of the heart. Everybody at some stage may need a certain color. As a depression and anxiety person red was the color that I needed the most to be healed.

Try throwing away all of the old junk or dark clothing in your wardrobe for a new color psychology. See how your life changes for the better. You do not need to go over the top by wearing bright clothes. It may just be a case of case of wearing pleasant, light neutral colors so that you can also blend in with others in a pleasant loving way rather than make a loud statement with your clothes and draw too much attention.