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Pictures of Ducks -
Mallard Duck Photos

Photos of duck lake water with Mallard ducks

Nature can teach us wisdom about OUR true Self and about God. Watching how animals interact and blend in with the nature, shows us where we humans go wrong- and what we can do to regain our peace and happiness.

2 mallard ducks - Male and Female ducks - Still lake waters next to grass and reeds
Picture of 2 mallard ducks, female on left and male on right next to grass and reeds of still lake waters

Two mallard ducks in grass and reeds - Reflection in still lake waters with ripple - Reflection of trees, branches and twigs in water lake
Still waters with ripples showing the reflection of trees and twigs. Two mallard ducks in grass and reeds on still lake waters

As the water becomes so serene and still, the water reflects a beautiful effulgence of light and spiritual bliss. The water shows us how we should be. When the mind becomes so serene, still and peaceful it reflects the true illumination, radiance and purity of Love, of our soul and our true Self, which is infinitely beautiful, radiant and effulgent. Spending time and contemplating on still waters like these ducks do, can really help us to transcend the mind and bring about the true peace of the Self.

2 mallard ducks contemplating serene, quiet, peaceful and still lake waters next to grass and reeds
Picture of 2 peaceful mallard ducks sitting in grass and reeds, contemplating on serene quiet and tranquil lake waters.

Nature is meant to be enjoyed and absorbed by us. A life absent of nature is a life absent of God, peace and Love. Ducks live in the nature, surround themselves with nature and are one with the nature. Ducks are spiritual beings and beautiful souls, like the one I made friends with in the following picture.

Mallard duck - Green face and green head duck - White neck and blue beak duck with a black eye
Beautiful face picture of a mallard duck showing his green head, eye, white neck and blue beak

Just for an experiment, for a few minutes stare into the water in the following picture. You may become mesmerized not knowing what is real and what is a reflection in the water. Especially with the water moving you can easily watch it and become completely absorbed by the nature. All the elements were there- earth, water, light, wind movement, space and spirit.

Picture for meditation - Hypnotic Picture - Mesmerizing picture of water reflection of trees and branches
Picture for mediation. Mesmerizing and hypnotic moving water showing reflection of trees and branches

The water is so peaceful, calming and nurturing that it helps balance ones energy giving peace- washing away all negativity. Ducks certainly like floating in the water decharging all disturbances.

Mallard duck floating on water - Shadow reflection of mallard duck in the water
Mallard duck floating on lake waters creating a ripple with its shadow reflecting on the water

White Pekin duck with yellow beak - Mallard duck floating on lake water next to reeds
White Pekin duck with its yellow beak floating on the lake water next to reeds

Ducks are very funny and sweet creatures :)

3 funny mallard ducks walking on wooden bridge
3 funny mallard ducks walking on a wooden bridge

Female mallard duck staring into lake waters
Female Mallard Duck
Grass and Reflection in Water
Mallard Duck
Canadian Goose on steps next to fence, reeds and lake water
Canadian Goose Picture
Canadian Goose on Steps Next to Fence, Reeds and Lake Water
Canadian Goose
Male duck with green head, yellow bill, blue wing and orange feet
Duck Pictures
Male Duck with Green Head, Yellow Bill, Blue Wing and Orange Feet
Male Mallard Duck
Group of ducks feeding
Duck Pictures
Group of ducks feeding
Mallard Ducks
Mallard duck on grass near water
Duck Pictures
Mallard Duck on Grass near Water
Male Mallard Duck
Male mallard duck floating on water - Shadow reflection in water - Green head, orange body and white chest
Duck Pictures
Duck with Green Head, Orange body and White Chest Floating on Water with Shadow Reflection
Male Mallard

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